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Gastronomic tour of the best restaurants in Mexico City.



Agua y Sal


Campos Elíseos 199-A


Chef Rodrigo Estrada names his food concept as "Latin American sea cuisine". This restaurant specializes in seafood and since 2011 works in collaboration with fishing cooperatives throughout Mexico to enhance the trade and bet on sustainable fishing.

The chef´s dishes combine Peruvian techniques with Mexican seasoning. The ceviches, tiraditos and the fish of the day bathed in bean sauce are a few of our favorite dishes in the menu. Located in the exclusive hotel zone in Polanco, this place is a dream.


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Comedor Jacinta


Virgilio 40


The specialty of the Jacinta Dining Room is Mexican dishes with that authentic flavor reminiscent of home-style cooking. Homemade and traditional food that together with the admirable technique of chef Edgar Núñez, stands out for its quality and fabulous taste. The dishes and side dishes are generous to share and have some great tacos: pot beans, handmade tortillas and  rice. Ask for several stews to share so you can try everything.


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Dulce Patria


Anatole France 100


Do you care for gourmet Mexican food with magazine-style presentation? Dulce Patria is the place you are looking for. Let yourself be surprised by the elegance of the technique of the chef Martha Ortiz and her recurring combination of flavors and textures. She defines Dulce Patria as "a ceremonial center of Mexican gastronomy".

This place was recognized in 2019 as the best restaurant in Mexico by the prestigious French list "La Liste" which includes the best 1,000 restaurants from around the world. Does that seem like no big deal to you? Try it and see for yourself


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Fonda Fina


Medellín 79


As its name suggests, this restaurant picks up typical Mexican dishes served at small diners and adds some technic and elegance. Here you will find Mexican cuisine dishes that are reinvented to remind us of the true flavor of Mexico.

It is a daring site that proposes to innovate the techniques used with Mexican traditional ingredients. You cannot miss the fideo seco con chilaquiles and the chiles en nogada.


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Galanga Thai Kitchen


Guanajuato 202


Not everything in Mexico is Mexican food, as the city offers a huge selection of exceptional culinary proposals. An example of which is Galanga. chef Raksamran, originally from Thailand, arrived in Mexico in 2010 and set up her restaurant in the Colonia Roma neighborhood in 2015 with one goal: to transport her guests to a region of her country with every flavorsome bite.

Galanga respects the Thai tradition and presents traditional Thai cuisine dishes and a menu that changes every week seeking to forever surprise its guests. Do not miss out on trying one of the most delicious Thai food restaurants in Mexico. 


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Pasillo de humo


Nuevo León 107


The restaurant´s name means smoke corridor, in reference to the Oaxaca market, where the smoke of the anafres (portable burners) permeates the atmosphere. The kitchen is led by  Oaxacan cook Celia Florián and her son chef Alam Méndez. Both aim to display the tradition of the Oaxacan cuisine in Mexico City.

In the center of the place, an open kitchen  shows how to make tortillas, tlayudas, empanadas and garnachas by hand, while magic is carried out in the main kitchen. We recommend you try the pork belly with manchamanteles sauce and the hoja santa leave stuffed with sausage and locust.


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Ámsterdam 72


The Roma-Condesa neighborhood is definitely where you will find the greatest variety of culinary techniques. An example of which is Tandoor, a restaurant led by the Ahmad brothers from Punjab.

Their use of spices is impressive and results in dishes full of exotic and aromatic flavors. They have a cylindrical clay oven in which they prepare naan bread and other specialties. When you try the Tandoor kitchen you will be transported directly to Asia and its colorful flavors.


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Credits: Donde ir 

Al Andalus


Mesones 171


Authentic and delicious Arabic food. It is made especially for sharing at a large table so that no one is left without tasting the hummus, the kepe and the lamb shawarma.

This place is a perfect place for discovering or revisiting the exotic flavors of Arabic food. Chef Mohamed Mazeh is of Lebanese origin and always focuses on offering the best experience in each dish. The restaurant has branches in the Napoles neighborhood and inside the Palacio de Hierro department store in Santa Fe.


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Balcón del Zócalo


5 de Mayo,61

Inside the hotel Zócalo Central


You will fall in love with many things in this restaurant. First of all: the views. Not only does if offer a privileged view of the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Plaza de la Constitución, but the kitchen is also added with a huge window so you can appreciate all the chefs in action.

Secondly: its food, focused on preserving the national culture. You will run into Mexican dishes invented by the chef, such as the rabbit in a pot sauce and the sweet rice. It also offers an extensive menu of exclusive Mexican wines.


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Créditos: Camila Cossio 




Río Amazonas 73


Very close to the Paseo de la Reforma avenue is Hotel Carlota. within its facilities is this restaurant led by the young chefs: Sofía Cortina and Joaquín Cardoso. Both began their professional career at the Pujol restaurant and are in charge of this innovative project thanks to their great talent.

Not only will you be savoring the dishes of one of the best restaurants in Mexico, but you will also get to know the Hotel Carlota, a very popular place in the city, and be amazed by its decoration. The food here is as simple as it is delicious. They stand out for letting the purity of the ingredients be the protagonist and for using very clean combinations. Try the coditos with Cotija cheese, chile and bacon, and the carrot ceviche... and do not miss the seasonal desserts.



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