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Things To Do in Mexico City

Some of the best things to do in Mexico City are just moments from FlowSuites Condesa. Stay with us to enjoy effortless access to one of the city’s most fashionable neighborhoods, teeming with boutiques, spas, galleries, restaurants, nightclubs and more. Below, please find some of our favorite things to do in Mexico City.


Looking to sample the flavor of La Condesa? Try these local delights.


Av. Nuevo León 103
Mexico City

Tel.  +52 (55) 52866165

Original international menu set in a historic big house in a retro-chic style, with an interior patio and a terrace.
Obtain a 10% discount as guest at FlowSuites.

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Sushi itto

Michoacán 121
Hipodromo Condesa

Tel. +(55) 52111240 

A subtle combination of traditional Japanese food with occidental flavors.

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Whether you’re a sports fan, culture connoisseur or just looking for interesting things to do, some of Mexico City’s best venues are close to the hotel.

National Auditorium

Reforma 50
Chapultepec, Mexico City

The National Auditorium is considered among the world’s best venues by specialized media. It was designed by Mexican architects Pedro Ramírez Vázquez and Gonzalo Ramírez del Sordo, and remodeled by Abraham Zabludovsky and Teodoro González de León. There are concerts, art, theatre, dance and more.

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Pepsi Center

WTC Dakota S/N
Náapoles, Mexico City

The Pepsi Center WTC is a multifunctional and adaptable building that can hold concerts in its auditorium or arena mode, exhibitions and sporting events.

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Palacio de los deportes

Río Churubusco y Añil
Granjas Mexico, México City

Is an indoor arena located in Mexico City, Mexico. It is within the sports complex Magdalena Mixhuca Sports City, near the Mexico City International Airport and in front of the Foro Sol.

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Our guest, can enjoy a bike ride. Price under availability


These aren’t the only hotspots in La Condesa, but is convenient to check them out!


In the heart of the Condesa neighborhood we find La Xampa, a restaurant with a different proposal, focused on sparkling wines. The experience of the design of the spaces. Their cuisine is oriented by Spanish cuisine, for example, semi-cured ham, roasted octopus with rosemary, Rioja tuna and aged steak. The drinks include dry champagne, belle epoque, champagne sour, sparkling punch and chocolat d 'agave. If the plan is with friends or a group outing, we can enjoy a dinner in its wide service bar of cavas, wines, whiskeys, vodkas and beers. Good drinks, gourmet cuisine, warm atmosphere and a unique concept around sparkling wines.

Av. Nuevo León 66,
Hipódromo, 06100
Ciudad de México, CDMX

Prinze Condesa

Av. Tamaulipas 36, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Prinze Club is an exclusive concept which has reached the neighborhood of
Condesa Mexico City, with concept of speak easy and "secret place" this place has come
to this neighborhood to bring to all the surrounding people a new concept that hadn’t
existed yet in urban music.
Dress code: Semi – formal


Pata Negra started as a Spanish bar in La Condesa with a good atmosphere, special events and lots of beer, as well as excellent music. Pata Negra is located in the heart of the nightlife in different places of the city such as the Condesa and Centro. This bar, which is already a classic, is still one of the favorites. Here at any time you find different people and in abundance no matter what day of the week you go, from the office workers taking refuge after a long day or young people looking for a party

Av. Tamaulipas 30,
Hipódromo, 06100
Ciudad de México, CDMX


Electronic music and a variety of cocktails in a hipster club with a lounge completely made of ice.

Av Nuevo León 73,
Condesa, 06140
Ciudad de México, CDMX

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