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FlowSuites is proud to showcase the works of local artists in our hotels. If you are interested in learning more about the works of our featured artists please contact us today.

Ixrael Montes

The human sense of the artist also translates into the supportive presence of someone who does not forget his origins. Ixrael returns to his native town every now and then and, as if he had never left, naturally takes his corresponding place; he now knows that his contribution does not lie in field work; he is aware that he can share his experience to encourage boys and girls and bring them closer to art. For this reason, he teaches in painting workshops which have brought him closer to children´s fresh expression; he knows that not everybody will follow his path, but he is convinced, out of his own experience, that life is perceived differently when seen through art.

Alejandro Martínez

Alejandro is a graphic designer and plastic artist, with a mature and versatile professional career of 30 years in silk screen printing. With 12 individual and collective exhibitions in Oaxaca and Mexico City, he has also taught workshops on the art of natural dyeing with cochineal in Costa Rica and Argentina. Alejandro was the plastic artist elected to perform on the “Fredo” bear, created with the purpose of helping children through several altruistic foundations.